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Park slogan chosen!

31 January 2014 we announced a contest of slogans for Biebrza National Park.

The contest lasted for 2 weeks. We wrote about it on the website and social networking portals related to Biebrza river.

We received 511 ideas from 125 persons! We didn't expect such a huge number! Majority of our fans prepared two to three slogans. However, the record holder submitted 35, but unfortunately didn't win!

This morning, on a meeting of the Contest Jury (M. Górska, A. Grygoruk, R. Skąpski, C. Werpachowski, A. Wiatr, H. Zub) – final decision was made.

Every Jury member presented chosen 10 slogans, so we had to pick from 60 ideas. Finally there were only 3 left. Their authors were: Grzegorz Grygoruk (11 ideas), Agnieszka Henel (only 1 idea) and Izabela Próchnicka (10 slogans). We chose this unique one, which, in our opinion, is the most attractive and informative.

The winner is Mrs Agnieszka Henel. Congratulations!

The slogan is:

Biebrza National Parkw trosce o bagna / Care for wetlands

We would like to express our gratitude to all Participants who submitted unique and beautiful slogan suggestions – thank you very much! We are sorry that we had to choose only one.   

Joanna Chmielewska

Ice melting down...

Photographs taken a few days ago over Biebrza Valley and Narew Valley. 


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