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XX Biebrza National Park Anniversary - Opening Ceremony

20 years ago, 9 September 1993 roku, Prime Minister Hanna Suchocka signed the Biebrza National park establishment act. It was executed 14 days later, 23rd September.

Few days ago - 18 October – in the halls of Podlachian Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra in Bialystok, we attended a celebratory premiere of the film "Orlik Grubodzioby – ptak jakich mało" („Greater Spotted Eagle – one of a kind”) , directed by Ireneusz Chojnacki.

In this solemn way – with a film premiere - we initiated  a series of events contributing to  20th Anniversary of Biebrza National Park celebrations.

After the film, invited Guests attended a concert of Dworski Quartet. Photographs from the event available below.

Important information on the main film character – the Greater Spotted Eagle.

In Poland there are only 10-15 couples of this bird – all of them nest in Biebrza National Park and its buffer zone, where the film was recorded.

Film „Orlik – ptak jakich mało” is a part of wider initiative of Greater Spotted Eagle conservation and creation of protection plans. Apart form standard conservation operations, such as nest camera monitoring, hand cutting of hay, removing of shrubbage from marsh areas, and setting up 30 nest platforms, we also planned wildlife assays and investigations, as well as promotional projects. Workshops for children and youth, organized by educators, are a part of it.

Workshops for school and preschool children from Bialystok will take place in rooms of Podlachian Opera until Thursday. The lecturers are Biebrza National Park employees.

translated by Joanna Chmielewska

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„Dicsovery of Biebrza” Photo Exhibition

Next event associated with BbPN anniversary. Over 150 persons attended the opening – there were ministry and bureau officials, various instititions representatives, journalists, artists, wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts.

The Visitors could see several dozen photographs taken during 33rd International Wildlife Photographers Congress of IFWP (International Federation of Wildlife Photography) that took place in April 2013 in Biebrza National Park. Besides foreign Authors, who, during few days in BbPN, had an opportunity to immortalize the beauty of Biebrza nature, there were also selected works of three Biebrza National Park Employees.

The opening ceremony was enriched with traditional Podlachia cuisine, sponsored, prepared and served by "Dwór Dobarz" pension.

Exhibition accessible in Muzeum Ziemi PAN w Warszawie , (Museum of the Earth, Warsaw)

Aleja na Skarpie 27, until 1 December 2013 r.

Monday-Friday: 9.00 AM – 16.00 (4.00 PM)

Sunday: 10.00 AM – 16.00 (4.00 PM) (out of charge)

Ticket fees: adult – 4 PLN, child – 2 PLN

Translated by Joanna Chmielewska


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